SSWG - Oscar Beriau Drafts

May 20th, 2016 - October 31st, 2017

HOME WEAVING by Oscar Beriau, 1947 edition

Notes on authorized copies

The copied pages of the book include the Title pages, Theory of Weaves portion in Part III, and DESIGNS, Part IV. The pages are in PDF format contained in several files, due to the large number of pages reproduced. Each file contains approximately 20 to 35 pages.

List of the Files:

1. Beriau Title & Pages 80-97 

2. Beriau Pages 101 - 135

3. Beriau Pages 136 - 175

4. Beriau Pages 176 -203

5. Beriau Pages 204 - 231

6. Beriau Pages 232 - 265

7. Beriau Pages 266 - 285, 289-296

Paper print copies of selected pages should be possible within the program your computer uses to view PDF documents. Black and white or gray-scale printing is suggested.

The Designs (pages 101 to 296) are in somewhat random order. Occasionally similar designs are on succeeding pages, but then a design that seems related to a group can appear earlier or later in the book. There is no index or listing for the designs.

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